Friday, December 16, 2011

Man on Fire

Hey gang still here and taking no.. prisoners haha

I will think about 1/2/12 start for Mc2  may not be ready !!!

I am on my way to start buying size 32 slacks , 34's are comfy now, plan ahead!
I have reset my goals and I ma going down to size 30 this next year coming up!
check out the transformation at the end of this post!

I am going throught the first phase of P90x it will close out my fifth round of P90X that I was about halfway through when I hurt my knee in October. I am not in shape( weight wise at least) so I plan to start mc2 in Mid January.
Week has been great
I ran 6 miles last weekend
Did C&B on Monday ( 9 chinups)
Ran 4 on tuesday
Did Shoulders & arms on wed
Ran 4 last night
Plan to do Legs & back tonight
Kick class tomorrow
Run 7 sunday ( rest day) haha
man on fire( MOF) me!!!
I am experimenting with lean gains did anyone see the transformation story from Marks daily apple last week? he ( Frank the transformer), had used a great program to lose 65 pounds in 6 months ~.
It is simple, fast for 16 hours and eat for 8 .

Changes a bit based on what time of the day you get up and when you work out, basically you are working out in a fasted state, and burning FAT !!!!
Be good all Mike


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