Wednesday, March 23, 2011

P90X- Chest and Back Review


Here is the review for Chest and Back, Number 1 in the original P90X series

Below is the list of Equipment required:

Chest and Back 52:49 Total running time
Warm-up 2:29
Stretch 6:30

Tip of the day;
Do your best and forget the rest
In Video:

Scotty Pfeiffer
Bobby Stevenson
Tony Horton

Workout 43:31

Standard Pull-ups
Wide Front Pull-ups
Military Pull-ups
Reverse Grip Chin-ups
Wide Fly Push-ups
Closed Grip Overhead Pull[ups
Decline Push-ups
Heavy Pants
Diamond Push-ups
Dive Bomber Push-ups

Cool down 3:40
Done - Celebrate!!
I think this was the first workout recorded ( In P90X series) Tony is quite excited.
I typically do over 250 + pushups, over the course of the workout.
Some people get weighted vests as there strength improves so the rep counts don’t get too high.
One coach I know does 400 pushups per workout!

When I started it was probably 100 or so for me,

Have fun!!

Be sure to drink your Results and Recovery drink afterwards.

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Going down for Chest and Back Now !!

Very nice!

Tough and challenging workout! I liked it though.

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