Thursday, March 10, 2011

Insanity Finished Day 63

Okay Finished up Insanity on monday March 7,2011.
63 days of extreme workouts by Mr Shaun T.

Love it
Lost 18 Pounds and on my way to where I want to be!
Stay tuned for whats next!

Make sure you are getting good Vitamins people , These workouts are extreme stress on our bodies:
I can't say that enough: extreme stress and insufficient vitamins are a disaster waitng to happen!!

Okay here are my Fit test result from Monday 3/7/11.
Completion Insanity Round 1

Day 1- 63

1. Switch kicks 61- 70
2. Power Jacks 63- 68
3. Power Knees 64-126
4. Power Jumps 38- 55 ( biggest improvement)
5. Globe Jumps 8 - 14
6. Suicide Jumps 14- 17
7.Push upJacks 30- 53( Pretty good I love pushups)
8.Low plank obliques 43-66

I will post pictures later I did a collage but I did not like the side view, results not quite where I want to be , I took me a lot of years to be the slob I was!!
So , I am patient, I work hard, eat as clean as I can, I am an "X" man.

Went to the Celtics game last night, private double suite for our company nice to pretend to be rich for a nite. Food was not too good, had chicken / steak tips, a little chowder and a sausage( no carbs),and only three beers
(over 6 hours with bus ride), not too shabby for me. I usually eat every thing in sight once I have beer or two. With Junk food I am like mama cass haha; if its in the house( junk food) and I see it, It knows my Frickin name( Mikey Mikey haha) I keep telling my lovely wife hide it or I am throwing it out!
They keep putting out girl scout cookies here at work, I have been good since the 28th of feb( went on a binge , bad boy) , willpower is better here now.

Okay here is my Insanity /P90X HYBRID, I added more P90X , want to regain the muscle I had gained from my previous rounds with Tony Horton, But still get a fair amount of Insane Cardio!
Calendar is in Word , Word tables are a PITA, I will do it in Excel next time.I print it up on 11X 17 and it goes on the wall in the workout room, Like John said,I modify a day if I feel like it. I have all of those workouts (P90X , One on One and P90X plus)so that is why they are there.

Shoutouts to everyone , Impressive group !!
Enjoy. We are WINNERS !!


ps I finally dumped all those too large pants and slacks in the salvation army box last night!
No looking back !!


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