Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Shoulders and arms review -Day 3 - Insanity P90X Hybrid - Journey of a coach

Day 3 Insanity/P90X Hybrid Shoulder & Arms

Okay since I did 63 days of Insanity with Shaun T, I have not done a Tony Horton workout since X mas except to review some Power 90 videos.
I have to say I missed the guy.

The video is 59:45 total time.

Unlike Insanity, there is only about two minutes of warmup.Tony constantly reminds us :
Form over quantity
8-10 reps for size;12-16 for lean and sculpted.
Record your weights and reps so you have record of your past and your progress. Sheets are available on beachbody .com.
So the workout starts with 49:20 remaining with Shoulder arm press, I use 20 pounds, to start.

There is Dreya Weber ready to go!

Then we go through two sets of the following:

I have included the weight I start with.
In & Out Biceps Curls-25 Pounds
Two arm Tricep kickbacks-12 pounds
Deep Swimmer Presses- 20 pounds
Full Supination Concentration Curls-20 pounds
Chair Dips
Upright Rows-15 pounds
Static Arm Curls-20pounds
Flip Grip Twist Tricep Kickbacks-12 pounds
Seated Two-Angle shoulder flys-15 pounds
Crouching Cohen Curls-20 pounds
Lying Down Tricep Extensions (watch the weight, elbows)-15 pounds

Bonus Round
In & Out Straight Arm Shoulder Flys -10 pounds
Congdon Curls-20 pounds
Side tri Rises( love it).

Done! Shake it out Good Job !~!
time remaining for cool down / stretch 3:38

Great workout!! My shoulders & arms are toast. Drink your Results and Recovery formula. I will gradually increase the weights on most of these exercises as the weeks go by. Remember to be careful on the shoulder and triceps exercise.

Go to for more information on programs and performance products from

X Mike


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