Monday, April 11, 2011

Insanity the Asylum

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Coaches and their Clients Only Until April 18th!!
Of course the one weekend that Beachbody decides to release a new program without telling the Beachbody Coach network first is the weekend that I’m away from my computer! Anyways, for those of you who haven’t heard yet, the new Insanity Asylum is now available to purchase! My copy is on its way !!!

Most everyone who knows about Beachbody programs and has gone through them before has been anticipating the release of Insanity Asylum for quite some time now. It’s predecessor, Insanity, is a high intensity workout program that really tests your ability to push yourself, but will get you absolutely ripped in just 60 days! Insanity is not easy, and Beachbody doesn’t advertise it to be easy. It’s by far the toughest, most intense workout program that I have ever gone through! Take Insanity and increase it by about 6 times , and that’s how tough the new Insanity Asylum workout program is supposed to be!

However, unlike Insanity, which doesn’t use any weights for resistance training, Asylum incorporates some weight training and also uses a pull-up bar for back training. Personally, I felt that the one thing that Insanity lacked was resistance training, and that’s why I’m pretty excited to start the new Insanity Asylum. I am working my Biceps really hard to come back to where there where before Insanity!

What’s great about the program, too, is it’s the first of it’s kind to really focus on sports training and conditioning. When I was playing basketball in college, it would have been nice to use a program like this to get prepared for the upcoming season. Insanity Asylum will help you improve your agility, speed, jumps, flexibility, and core strength, all very important for sports! Whether you’re a P90X or Insanity graduate or an athlete looking to take your fitness to the next level, Insanity Asylum is a great workout program to try out next!

When you buy Insanity Asylum from this site, I will be your coach, and I will be here to help support and guide you through the program. You will also have access to my exclusive customer group on Facebook, where we all hold each other accountable and help each other out. To buy Insanity Asylum, click on the button below!
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