Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Review - Pylo Cardio Circuit -Insanity Phase 1 WO

Insanity Pylo Cardio Circuit
Phase 1 (first month) Workout –Insanity
Time 42 minutes

In video: Shaun T, Rachel, Tanya, Chris, Akeil & others

Warm-up - 10:30 minutes

Stretch - 7 minutes ( stretch is always important) take advantage to stretch well after a good warm-up, your muscles are nice and warm!

Time remaining : 23:47 minutes

The Workout

Suicide Drills
Power Squats
Mountain Climbers ( keep your core tight, KCT)
Ski Down
20 sec break ( get a little water)


Push, Push Through

30 sec break

Repeat –KCT
Power squats - “knees over ankle”
Add switch feet
Football Wide sprints

Break 30 sec
Basket ball drills
Level 1 drills
Ski Abs
In & Outs

30 sec break

30 break

Jabs – “keep core tight”
Cross Jacks
Upper cuts

3:21 left DONE !!
Water break

Stretch ( again very important!)
Use you Results and Recovery formula and eat well!
Did you check you HRM ?
You should have burned 600 + calories!

Whats Next ??

Interested? Get your Insanity here !

X Mike


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