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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Week 4

Week 4

Hey team week 4, travelling for three days so no wo, but back to P90x , this week, a friend gave me T25 to try, Are there any good hybrids for me to combine with P90x?
Week 4 Rest week but I need to make up legs and back so here goes tonight Legs and back and Yoga ( not x but at least FOY).
felling good and ready to rock this place.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Week 2

ok new week 
week 2!
Chest and back tonight!
Had a bad weekend eating, need to get back at it. 
Carry on peeps

Friday, January 10, 2014

Day 5

Day 5 P90X Round 8
( can you tell I love the original)
Ok did 30 minutes on Bike ( 5 miles) and Shoulders and arms before 6 am felt good.

I am behind this week, my wife had a very good friend found dead at home the other night, single( spinster) 55 lived alone , great woman no clue what happened yet , so that has impacted us to say the least....

Plan to do Legs and back tomorrow morning , and go Cross country on Sunday call it a great 1st week!
 Diet has been clean except for a donut yesterday, focusing on elimination of the whites for now, no sugar, no breads, no pasta , been pretty good so far, wife is onboard!

love yall!!! thanks for the inspirations and support heres to a great 2014!!!!



Wednesday, January 8, 2014


BY KAROLINE BOEHM GOODNICK | GLOBE CORRESPONDENT Karoline Boehm Goodnick can be reached at
The Boston Globe
8 January 2014

Every health professional you meet these days is touting the benefits of eating fewer processed foods and more whole grains. You may or may not be fully on board, but we think incorporating a variety of grains and legumes into the nightly routine can also be fun and lets you expand your repertoire. Keep serving the new dishes until one of them delights those meat-and-potatoes family members who are firmly in the “no!” camp.
One way to try something new is to make it look like something you already know. Millet, familiar as birdseed, is gaining popularity on the supper table. Naturally gluten-free, it has been the base of diets in parts of Africa and Asia for centuries. Cooking a batch of millet is no harder than making rice. With that in mind, try millet fried rice with tastes you already know: bright curds of scrambled eggs, fresh ginger, and soy sauce.
Farro, an ancient wheat relative, can also be substituted for the short-grain white rice that traditionally goes into the Italian standby risotto. This version, known as “farrotto,” is a fine alternative to the classic.
Still not ready for full immersion into ancient grains? Start with something simpler like switching out half the white rice in a dish of brown. Or stir quinoa into your favorite rice meal to add vitamins and antioxidants. Quinoa is not actually a grain, but an edible seed that has been sustaining populations in South and Central America for thousands of years, and is becoming an excellent addition to the vegetarian diet. Mix red quinoa with brown rice and plenty of sauteed mushrooms for a main course. And if that isn’t enough, pop a fried egg on top.
Chickpeas, a legume native to the Middle East, and also known as garbanzo beans, are packed with protein and fiber. They are most nutritious when cooked from their dried state (versus canned). Since hummus has become the new baby food, your little ones’ taste buds will perk right up with any dish featuring the iron-rich beans. Here they’re mixed with smoky Spanish paprika, caramelized onions, and spinach.
The best thing about making any of these grains, seeds, and legumes is their versatility and ease of reheating. Choose one item, such as barley, make a large, plain batch on Sunday, and parcel it out as lunches and dinners for the rest of the week. Add it to soups, eat it hot as a side dish, whip up a simple vinaigrette and toss with orange segments, toasted pecans, and dried cherries, or add milk and fruit to create a breakfast porridge.
The options are endlessly delicious; you just need to keep an open mind. And convince everyone else at the table to do the same.

© 2012 The New York Times Company

Slimdown showdown challenge

ok here is the challenge

I am trying to get 50 cents to $1.00 per pound , it all goes to UNICEf no 40 % administrative costs.

It runs until the end of Feb now
Can anyone help me out?

Day 2/3 correcting mechanical issues( my foot)

Good Morning

Ok Day 2 /3

Day 2 Did not happpen

Doctor visit went well
Xrays are "normal" small spurs from the PF , no major arthritis or anything.
Gave me another shot in middle of foot at that toe joint.
I gotta say it hurt and was swollen all night , so wo did not happen.
He said to focus on shoes and orthotics for good support and we will go from there. It must have been a bad bout of bursisitis!

Will make it up tonight
Snowblower came at 7 pm , will check it out tonight.

Tonight will be 45 minutes bike & S&A

How is everyones"clean" eating going this year?

Mine is going well, cut out all whites, except potatoes, they are fine in small portions cooked healthy.
So no sugar, no sweet, no white bread, no pasta
these all equal to SUGAR/Turns to FAT!
Eat more coconut in cooking and coffee.

just got rid of all the xmas goodies and have the clean diet dialed in!!

Weight off
we are having a weight off contest at work , it is for Unicef does anyone want to go in for say 25 cents per pound?
Goal is 30 #'s for now.

What is everyone doing for their dietary health?

remember " abs are made in the kitchen!!!"

Have great day!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Round 8

P90X Day 1, Done last night, good restart , pushups went better than I thought they would, man was my back on fire last night.

So, I am going to the podiatrist for another visit today, xrays were done , so now he can tell me what is up with my foot, little sore yesterday after busy weekend , new boots, not limping just a little tender.
Today is much better. 
I have a good(broken in)work boot on and it does not hurt.

So i rode the bike 21 miles indoors Saturday and took trevor for a 4 mile snowshoe Sunday , love the north in the winter, except for the excessive part( cold & snow).
We were jumping over ditches yesterday at jobsite yesterday at work , legs were fried...

Great inspirations group!!!

Need some skin gals!!!



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