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Monday, May 21, 2012

Back at it!

Hey gang Back from Mexico, need to dry Out. The Iberostar Grand is awesome all Porcanloso marble and teak!

We drank and swam and sunned and drank some more. Food was so, so, but all included...
The resort had its own theater,band and dance troupe, lot of fun, show every night then dancing with the troupe afterwards.
Need to dry out we almost polished off a 1.5 liter of 1800 (5 people) sat nite, LOVE Tequila!!

We went to the disco at the shopping plaza after the show one night kind of funny....
I need to lose the pounds I gained back , my hand is getting stronger working on the deck project at my neighbors every week, including 12 hours this weekend ( tired).

Running and workouts have been poor at best emoticon !

Start therapy tomorrow, need to get the stiffness out of the two fingers, I notice the hand is still stiff at the base of the two fingers too!

Go for it everyone



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