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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Healing the PF

HEALING THE PF( Plantar Fascittis)
I have been eating bad and healing well, 
Lets see I bought Kuru shoes, a foot stretcher and the night splint, couple of straps for stretching.

The foot stretcher is awesome you stand on it and it legs you rock the heel all the way to the floor. awesome calf stretch!
The Kurus are wild like a sneaker with special heel cups that go down instead of flattening out , feet feel great , need another pair for home.
Night splint is weird i put it on it pulls the foot up slightly, keeps it in tension, I can only take about 3 hours , maybe 3 1/2 last night. 

So i feel ready to go running and hiking, but i plan to keep it lite until the end of March, maybe some easy local hikes and a little more snowshoeing!

Working probably 70 hours per week right now , a drag , trying to get Mill work, kitchen cabinets, flooring and finish lighting to all gel right now the client changes things hourly LOL .

here is a picture !
91 units and first floor common area like a fancy hotel

Monday, February 25, 2013

More from my Crossfit Fanatic!

I have to do another post because I am sooooo freaking excited!!!

Even though I haven't seen any significant change on the scale in since probably October, I decided to try on some clothes that were way too tight for me in January, and they fit perfectly now!! I am slowly changing out my closet and replacing all my new clothes with all my old clothes. There are a couple more things that are still too tight, but once I can fit into them, it's shopping time! I must have lost at least a couple of inches in my hips and thighs for these pants to fit now. Weight training f'n ROCKS!!!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Heath update!

OK health update, 
Officially on a steroidal inhaler for my asthma feels good to be able to breath again, that's the good. 
The bad:
Plantar Fascittis  this has been bothering more and more need to start a rehab program, this is why I have not been running much.
What is a good workout to keep my aerobic capacity up or improve it while rehabbing?


Monday, February 11, 2013

How stress affect your weight Part 1

stress 300x278 Part I: How Stress Affects Your Weight
Part I: How Stress Affects Your Weight
By Hallie Freedman
It’s a known fact that stress is a big factor in packing on the pounds. After a recent conversation with a new friend on Facebook I realized that many people do not know why stress contributes to their weight gain, they just know it does. One reason is a result of a stress hormone, Cortisol. When our bodies undergo stress we experience a fight or flight response, which releases a variety of hormones.
Regardless of what is causing our stress, our body has a similar experience. For example, your body cannot differentiate between office-based work stress and actual danger. Our body reacts as if we are going to be harmed and we need to fight for our lives. When our body responds this way, we experience an energy burst, shifts in metabolism and blood flow, amongst other changes.
It is harmful to your health to remain in this state for long periods of time as that becomes known as chronic stress. In addition to many health issues, chronic stress (and cortisol) can lead to weight gain.
Specific areas affected by chronic stress and cortisol:
  • Metabolism: Do you put on more weight when you feel stressed, even if your eating habits haven’t changed? A body that provides too much cortisol slows down your metabolism, which causes more weight gain than what may be typical for your body. This can also increase frustration with dieting since it may hinder results even when eating a perfect balanced meal plan.
  • Cravings: Do your cravings appear when you’re stressed? Do you give in to them or do you stick to your healthy meal plan? I know I used to grab a jar of peanut butter, a diet coke and a pint of Ben & Jerry’s. No wonder I was 30 pounds heavier than my friend who always kept salad on hand for those stressful eating sessions. My actions are pretty common amongst people who experience stress. When under stress we crave fatty, salty and sugary foods; typically, the processed stuff that’s not good for us and will lead to weight gain.
  • Blood Sugar: Chronic stress can change your blood sugar levels. I know when my blood sugar changes it causes mood swings, fatigue, and even hyperglycemia (AKA High Blood Sugar) which makes me bounce off the walls before the sugar spike drops and I crash (getting a good picture?). Chronic stress has also been linked to more serious health issues like heart attacks and diabetes, but let’s keep this a bit lighter, shall we?
  • Fat Storage: Another issues I’ve struggled with is FAT storage. Wouldn’t you know that chronic stress can also affect WHERE you store fat in your body. Excessive stress is linked to more fat in your abdominal area. Not only do we become self-conscious of a larger mid-section but it’s actually linked to greater health risks than fat stored in other parts of the body.
Stress and weight gain are connected in more ways, too. Let’s take a look…
  • Emotional Eating: We discussed how increased cortisol levels can make you create unhealthy food, but did you know all that nervous energy can cause you to eat more unhealthy foods than you would when not under stress? I know my issue was I used to find myself in the kitchen snacking on food when I was not even hungry. Sometimes, I caught myself and wondered, “why am I eating this? I’m not even hungry.” — Have you been there, too?
  • Fast Food: Now this is one that I personally stay away from when it comes to what I put in my body. I could go on for hours on this topic and why I believe the fast food industry is mainly responsible for the obesity epidemic that is sweeping our nation but we aren’t going to get in to all those details. The bottom line is that people are too stressed with their daily lives to have to think about what they are going to feed themselves and their families, come meal time. So, what used to be healthy breakfasts, lunches and dinners made at home are now being replaced by faster, more convenient, but extremely unhealthy drive-thru meals. This one gets a big sad face from me. icon sad Part I: How Stress Affects Your Weight
  • No Time to Exercise: Many people set their new years resolutions or goals to keep up with their gym membership and workouts. However, the reason it is one of the top new years resolutions set every year is the simple fact that lives get busy and exercise gets dropped to the bottom of the priority list, when it should remain at the top. Sedentary lifestyles have become more of a norm than an anomoly as a result of the time spent sitting in a desk chair at work, in the car in traffic, in front of the TV, etc. Bottom line is a lack of exercise in a stressful environment, will lead to weight gain.
Now that we have covered some of the effects of chronic stress and cortisol on weight gain, just know there are ways you can control your stress and weight. We will go further into this as Part II of our series on Stress & Weight Gain. Be on the lookout for it this Thursday

Monday, February 4, 2013

Freakin killed it -Cross-fit is contagious!

Good friend of mine wrote this!

I'm pretty sure I just had the best workout of my life today. I worked out with these freakin elite athletes that were doing some crazy Navy Seals 2-hour workout. I hung in for about 2/3 of it! And when I was done w/ what I could do, I practiced rope climbing and freakin killed it!

The workout:
Warm-up: 3 Rounds of 20 kettlebell swings, 25 air squats, 15 push-ups (I was tired after this!)
Phase 1: run 800 m before and another 800 m at the end of the rounds, 3 Rounds of 50 mountain climbers (That's 1,2,3,1, 1,2,3,2, etc, so really like 200 mountain climbers--crazy), 25 burpies, and 3 rope climbs. Instead of 3 rope climbs I did 9 modified climbs which is starting lying flat on the floor and using your legs and arms to pull yourself up to standing. These crazy people finished all 3 rounds in the time it took me to finish 2 rounds. I stopped after 2.
Phase 2: This was strength. I skipped this phase--deadlifts for max weight.
Phase 3: 3 Rounds 25 m. crab crawls, 10 1-legged box jumps, 10 deadlifts. I only did 1 round of this and jumped into Phase 4.
Phase 4: 3 Rounds of 25 sit-ups, 45 second plank, 10 kettlebell swings, 10 Russian Deadlifts (straight legs). I did all 3 of these, then practiced my rope-climbing.

I'm getting tired just writing all this! Anyway, I am really impressed with what I've been accomplishing in just about a month of crossfitting.

It's soooo much fun and I highly recommend it! Oh by the way--I did this whole workout in a fasted state! Can you believe that?? I totally would have eaten breakfast had I known what I was in for!


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