Monday, August 13, 2012

3 years old

Three years with Beach body, wow goodstuff

I want to tell a story though, I hit rock bottom three years ago(2009), It was the weekend my first grandaughter Isabella was born, I went down to Allegheny to spend a night with my sisters and their kids camping.

I bet I weighed 260# or more. I got a call form my ex wife that Bella went back to the hospital and she wanted me to come right away, it was not urgent , nursing issues, and she was dehydrated, once you admit a child they need to stay 48 hours.
I was so big I needed a shirt or two to fit me , XL's were too small my fat belly hung out.

I stopped at Walmart and bought two XXL I was so ashamed I was M in High school for Cripe sake. Anyways I tolled around like this until late Oct 2009 when I found Beach-body, and Power 90 came to my house in the mail! I went down to 230 by Xmas and was so proud, I met Mel and Mac & Trudy and Tawny, King Fatty,  and Lydia and Lee and Paul and so many others!!
I probably got down to 195 last winter before i started eating bad again this spring.

I will never go back although I am trying like hell to be  a fat-man again , sorry lots of stress will do that LOL. Seriously thank you to all of you , I need help, I know i get it here!
I still wear Large shirts and almost got down to 32's just need to refocus and do this!

luv you all



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