Tuesday, October 15, 2013


okay gang as you may know I have been fighting a bad foot from PF and god know what else, so walking running and hiking are all painful, so I have become a fa from the stress of work and not being able to get a decent cardio exercise.

So I did some research and we bought a beautiful used Kieser M3 indoor bike, it is a thing of beauty, sleek, belt driven, simple and quiet , check it out, hope to get back in gear and in shape for cross country skiing! has a decent tracking computer monitor too,.
Even hooks up and works with my polar heart rate chest belt, the old one, watch is long gone.

Clip my shimano bike shoes into the toe clips and go.

The treadmill is for sale never used it much....

Restarting P90x tonight have the calendar done sb able to stay the course, finally caught up at work for the most part.


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