Friday, January 10, 2014

Day 5

Day 5 P90X Round 8
( can you tell I love the original)
Ok did 30 minutes on Bike ( 5 miles) and Shoulders and arms before 6 am felt good.

I am behind this week, my wife had a very good friend found dead at home the other night, single( spinster) 55 lived alone , great woman no clue what happened yet , so that has impacted us to say the least....

Plan to do Legs and back tomorrow morning , and go Cross country on Sunday call it a great 1st week!
 Diet has been clean except for a donut yesterday, focusing on elimination of the whites for now, no sugar, no breads, no pasta , been pretty good so far, wife is onboard!

love yall!!! thanks for the inspirations and support heres to a great 2014!!!!




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