Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Week 1 Day 1 ( Restart new Hybrid program,)

New start 
okay new start January was a bust other than getting through the P90x the way I like too, still eating bad , don't know what is up!

Logged back into Livestrong, been gone a long time. I know it was Lances site but it is a good site. It is good for tracking both Exercise and diet, albiet my disconnect 
I loaded the advanced P90X /T25 Hybrid and i plan to do it for 16 weeks it went longer but I cut it off, I even put the dates in there with formulas, 111 days!!!

Day 1- P90x/T25 Hybrid , ( last night) 20 minute warm-up and then Chest and Back! good solid workout, does anyone know how to read calories on a Polar RS 300?

so like i said Banged out 20 minutes on the bike and then P90X chest and back woke up about 

3am and the back was complaining!Sore ( in a good way), Tony was really bad in this video, 

lorraine did not help!

I bought a Who line in Texas 1975 DVD , it wa
s really poor quality but I got to see Keith moon 

on an extended basis man he was an fn great drummer but really screwy, Pete T was trying to 

introduce a song and K was goin on and on Pete was getting pevved!

Needless to say i added Baba O'rielly(teenage wasteland) to my Biking song list.

Day 2

so today is Cardio (focus T25) and ab ripper , pysched as I have not done any Shaun T in a 

long while!


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