Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Day 57 Chest & Back

Phase 3 Okay I worked my butt off last night picking up sticks in the yard from the Hurricane, helping Patti order something on line, and then I got downstairs to continue my fourth round of P90x -Phase 3 , Chest & Back.
Last week we were on vacation in California and I did not get in the recovery workouts like I should have
Pushups were weak but I did pick it up on the second go round of the program.

Did a soliod set of Pullups with the120 pound bands and my Lattimus Dorsi were throbbing all night

Remember what Tony says push throught these push & pull; and do more pushups and reps than than your body feels comfortable with, but use good form!
Its those last reps that do the most for good muscle tone develop , size and strength, If you are a female, do 12-15 reps but the last three should be hard, if you are a guy, and want to build size; do 8-10 reps the last three should be hard, BUT keep good form!!

Here is a complete review of Chest & Back!   Chest & Back review

Here is a complete Muscle System Diagram Diagram

What to do tonight RUN or PURE Cardio?

X Mike


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