Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Day 71 three weeks to go:

Finished the wood siding replacement on the back of the House Yeah!!
Just a little paint work to do now!

Now that I have my major work on the house done for the year I intend to put in some longer runs myself, I was motivated watching the people run the 65-85 minutes 10 miler last week, I should be in that comepmny myself (the 85 minute range anyways)
Great job!

Lot of talk about Vibrams ( VFF)

Regarding Vibrams:

I have had arch problems, flat feet, myself and wear SOLE's in my workout and running shoes. It is a custom orthotic you fit yourself by heating to 190 degrees in the oven and popping into the shoes, then molding with your feet. You can get these at REI.

I do walk around more and more in barefeet at home and I enjoy that!
BTW I worked a 10 k race a few weeks ago and guys were running it barefoot on the pavement, They had on their Barefoot running club tee shirts! LOL power to them!

Day 71 three weeks to go:

Okay so I banged out a good Chest & back and ab ripper last night!
Tried something different I ran 2 miles on the treadmill before the workout,
I am thinking of getting a lifecycle or a spinner to warmup and get some (more) cardio.

I am not as big of a football fan, but the Pats were taking it to the Dolphins big time . Brady had a personal record passing 517 yards!So I had to watch some of that !
So any ways I was later than expected by the time I did the P90X workouts, I had planned to run two more after the workout, but I had to shower and go to bed!
I did raise the weights on pull up the pants and lawnmowers so that is good almost up to 50's!

Bring it everyone, running on the beach sounds pretty good right now!

Go Bills!!



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