Wednesday, September 21, 2011

P90X /Insanity Hybrid -Last week UGH ( week 12)

A girl wrote this on my Insanity thread:

LOL--I'm about to throw it all out the f#%#'n window! Dude--my husband bought me peanut butter icecream--my absolute favorite! I'm really going to kill him. I'm definitely in a bit of a workout/diet funk. I will get back on track today!!! I remember when Annalise was having trouble getting through the last week of P90x. I was thinking--wow, how could it be? She's just about done, and yet here I am in the same situation. In my defense, I've been feeling drained and a bit under the weather lately--like I might be coming down with something. Maybe it's just psychological--who knows? Anyway--Chest and Tri's later today with ARX and at least 20 mins of cardio. That's the plan and I'm sticking to it.

My response to her:
I laughed at work Cynthia when I saw this, not at you , I am having the same problem(s) this week
I missed workouts two nights in a row , just want to sleep.
I Ran a good 3.5 with trevor this morning, and I intend to go down for Cst now, it is okay week 12 is on and next week are recovery workouits so i can finih back and legs on the weekend. Need some YOGA!!!

So it was out thirteenth anniversary Monday, we both worked late and she had to pack to head to Orlando , no celabration until the weekend. I have been married 31 years of my life WTF, I am old.

See did grab my arm over the weekend and say oh that is scary( my diamonds of gold ) haha

Trust me I don't have big guns but they asre getting there under the last layer of blubber!

Be good all Mikey


P90X, on the other hand, is designed with a different purpose. The nutrition plan is designed to help you change your body composition, not just just lose weight. Which means you will be eating to build muscle, not just lose fat. It's designed with a heavy dose of resistance training, again so that you build muscle, not just lose fat.
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