Monday, March 12, 2012

90 Day Challenge ~Days 30-36

Okay I've been away for a bit from this Blog update.,Here we go

Day 30 Run 4.5 in the AM, CST at night plus my pull up program

Day 31 Wed Off

Day 32 Thursday Did Back & Biceps and Pull up program!

Day 33 Friday Ran 5

Day 34 Saturday Back & Pull up Program

Day 35 Sunday Ran 6

Day 36 Today Chest Shoulders & Triceps, & Run 4 ?
We'll see it is 66 degrees out there beautiful.

Assisted Pull ups(and the prep program) are coming well , back is still sore in the mid to lower area need to foam roll it more!

Next week is week three and I am supposed to be able to do 1-2 pullups, we shall see!!!

Bring it all Time for my VI shake for Lunch!


I was a non-believer of these weight losing drinks until i tried Visalus fruit shakes> at first i thought its gonna be one of those obnoxious fluids that my neice had been so fund to buy. But i was wrong! I never thought losing weight could be this fun!

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