Friday, May 6, 2011

Go for a Run ( or a walk)

I went out for a short run this morning ( 3 miles) with the trusty Labrador retriever Trevor. I try to do this with him two to three times a week above and beyond my other fitness activities.

The American Heart associations says that we (the american public) need at least 30 minutes a day, five days a week, of moderate activity or 20 minutes a day, three days a week, of vigorous activity to maintain health.

So at 5:30am  we headed up the hill on Williams street towards Forest, and we run through the small park at the corner and wave to Wachusetts mountain in the distance(Drive or hike to the top of Wachusetts, great place for a picnic in summer). Then we continue up Williams St past  Lake Williams .

On past the Courthouse and on to Route 20, past the pizzeria and Mobil station and back down through the Cemetery on the hill to Cedar Hill.
The sunrise on the top of the cemetery is always extraordinary.

There are 7 street light posts up Cedar hill ( elevation change of 150 + feet). When I started running last year I could make it to two or three tops. Now I can run all seven lights to the top of the hill without stopping or walking, even with Trevor stopping to sniff a couple of times. He is actually pretty good for a young dog.

Then we continue back up to Kelleher around Ahern , back down Kelleher to Williams St and home.
Distance is about 2.9 miles. It takes me about 33 minutes now, heart rate averages about 125,  and I burn 632 calories +/-.
Life is good and blessed when we can enjoy these simple  things that God gave us:

Our health, our sight, our ability to run or walk; and the sun, the water and the earth.


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