Thursday, May 5, 2011

Power 90 Review -Sweat 1/2

Posted May 6, 2011

by Mike Wetzel
Date line Nov 09

Okay I have lost 50 pounds since I started with Tony Horton and the "kids' with Power 90, aka P90.

Here is the review of the seciong workout in the series.

 You did Sculpt 1/2 on MWF and Sweat 1/2 on T, Th and Sat.

Sweat  1/2 and AB Ripper 100

In Video Tony Horton, Lisa and Paul.
Running time 35:42
Stretch and warmup time 3:51
The warmup includes :

Power Yoga ( I could not do this!!)
Note:work-on your form
Start of workout 32:00

Part 1 Heat up
Knees up ( Love the music)
Knees Out

Part 2 High heat

Jumping jacks
Running ( checking on the kids yuk yuk)
Run Lunges
Feet work:
Lateral x work ( need an X on your mat)
Cross hops
Alt Cross Hops
Fast feet

Break ( drink your water)

Fast Kicks( left and right)
Side kicks
Knees up
Side kicks ( Left and right)
Punching Jab Cross (Drive the hip)
Body Blows ( fast as you can)
Hook upper cut
Body blows( even faster )

2:00 cool down

Time forAb ripper 100 !!

AB Ripper 100
10 exercises 10 each
1) Crunches
2) Left side oblique
3) Right side oblique
4) Elbows to knees
5) Super man Crunch
6)Leg Lifts
7) In & Outs
8) Hip Rock
9) Bicycles
10 In & out modified


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