Monday, February 4, 2013

Freakin killed it -Cross-fit is contagious!

Good friend of mine wrote this!

I'm pretty sure I just had the best workout of my life today. I worked out with these freakin elite athletes that were doing some crazy Navy Seals 2-hour workout. I hung in for about 2/3 of it! And when I was done w/ what I could do, I practiced rope climbing and freakin killed it!

The workout:
Warm-up: 3 Rounds of 20 kettlebell swings, 25 air squats, 15 push-ups (I was tired after this!)
Phase 1: run 800 m before and another 800 m at the end of the rounds, 3 Rounds of 50 mountain climbers (That's 1,2,3,1, 1,2,3,2, etc, so really like 200 mountain climbers--crazy), 25 burpies, and 3 rope climbs. Instead of 3 rope climbs I did 9 modified climbs which is starting lying flat on the floor and using your legs and arms to pull yourself up to standing. These crazy people finished all 3 rounds in the time it took me to finish 2 rounds. I stopped after 2.
Phase 2: This was strength. I skipped this phase--deadlifts for max weight.
Phase 3: 3 Rounds 25 m. crab crawls, 10 1-legged box jumps, 10 deadlifts. I only did 1 round of this and jumped into Phase 4.
Phase 4: 3 Rounds of 25 sit-ups, 45 second plank, 10 kettlebell swings, 10 Russian Deadlifts (straight legs). I did all 3 of these, then practiced my rope-climbing.

I'm getting tired just writing all this! Anyway, I am really impressed with what I've been accomplishing in just about a month of crossfitting.

It's soooo much fun and I highly recommend it! Oh by the way--I did this whole workout in a fasted state! Can you believe that?? I totally would have eaten breakfast had I known what I was in for!


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