Thursday, February 28, 2013

Healing the PF

HEALING THE PF( Plantar Fascittis)
I have been eating bad and healing well, 
Lets see I bought Kuru shoes, a foot stretcher and the night splint, couple of straps for stretching.

The foot stretcher is awesome you stand on it and it legs you rock the heel all the way to the floor. awesome calf stretch!
The Kurus are wild like a sneaker with special heel cups that go down instead of flattening out , feet feel great , need another pair for home.
Night splint is weird i put it on it pulls the foot up slightly, keeps it in tension, I can only take about 3 hours , maybe 3 1/2 last night. 

So i feel ready to go running and hiking, but i plan to keep it lite until the end of March, maybe some easy local hikes and a little more snowshoeing!

Working probably 70 hours per week right now , a drag , trying to get Mill work, kitchen cabinets, flooring and finish lighting to all gel right now the client changes things hourly LOL .

here is a picture !
91 units and first floor common area like a fancy hotel


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