Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Day 2 Plyo X!

Day 2 - P 90X  Pylometrics Round 8
It has been along time since I have done this and it was great@!

Missed this Video with Pam the blam , the one legged man (amazing) , and Tony and the Dominic (leap frog)

• Plyometrics – This is by far the hardest workout and is mostly cardio of the lower body and often referred to as jump training. You are run through a series of grueling high impact moves, but if you have knees or back don’t worry there are alternatives shown. Everyone in our test group has herniated discs in either the lower back (2 of us) or neck and we adapted easily. Some example moves are jump squats, Heisman side to side, and lunges. Your thigh and calf muscles will be pushed to the max but after 90 days you will be amazed at how it adds to your fast twitch muscles and endurance.!!
Love this workout, be careful at first until your legs are stronger and support the knees well.

Shoulders and Arms !


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