Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Day 3 Shoulders & Arms

Day 3~ P 90X round 8

Did my 3 mile power  walk this morning before work, 17000 steps on the feet so far, went up the 8 flights of stairs to the top floor piece of cake only mildly winded.
Now it is time for Shoulders and Arms, Had my Nox oxide,time to go down and get crazy with Tony and Bobby.

Shoulders and Arms – This is very similar in “style” to chest and back but we all found it to be a much easier workout and that makes sense as it is working two small muscle groups as opposed to two large muscle groups. The workouts you will do TWICE are: Alternating Shoulder Presses, In and Out Bicep Curls, Two-Arm Tricep Kickbacks, Deep Swimmer’s Presses, Full Supination Concentration Curls, Chair Dips, Upright Rows, Static Arm Curls, Flip-grip Twist Tricep Kickbacks, Two-Hand Shoulder Flys, Crouching Cohen Curls, and Lying-down Tricep Extensions with bonus rounds including In and Out Shoulder Flys, Congdon Curls, Side Tri-Rises. After all that you get to also do Ab Ripper X!!


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