Saturday, October 29, 2011


Okay the message board is down on  beachbody so here goes
Recovery from my Knee injury, No Nsaids after day 1! ( bad stuff).
Diet is spot on, low carbs all week looks like I lost 2 inches of Gut!
Dialing into the Primal Blueprint ,Mark Sissan is pretty cool when you read his stuff, he can't write all that by him self , If he doies he is pretty good!
The key is more the organic portions of the plan and to get away from Omega 6 farm rasied meat & poulty(&fish), Organic fruit & veggies where possible, and obviously low carb intact combined with a good mix of the right saturated fats.
Have to start shopping Trader Joes and Whole foods more!
Plan to lift a bit later, Chest and back, Go to gym tomorrow to do a very light rehab on the knee!
First out to clean off deck and leaves on Lawn , Could get 6 -8 inches (OF SNOW) omg what gives?
Have a great weekend everyone EAT CLEAN
Oh I am a bit melancholy about Halloween this year ,I need my Grandkids to get Sykpe(sp)!!We do not get any kids on our dark country road,
So I plan to take Trevor out with a bloody knife in his back to scare the kids in the neighborhood behind us!


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