Thursday, April 7, 2011

Day 3 Shakeology Cleanse !!

Day Three-
So I got up ad feel great. I  went to bed pretty early yesterday after Cardio X
was exhausted and spent.
Did have some lightheadness before dinner.
Had a wonderful Chicken salad  with green olives, tomatoes and mushrooms.
Then I had a three leaf detox tea before bed !

Walked the dog this morning about 2 miles , Have to get out before 5:45 to see the sun come up over the ridge(Jericho Hill) but it is incredible.

I Had a Shakeology shake with an egg, protein powder, flax, bee pollen and Blueberries added
for Breakfast.
Hope to walk on Lunch too
Yoga scheduled for tonight I downloaded a new video yesterday from  Yoga Al , plan to try that !

Weigh in tomorrow morning and then a regular breakfast Yeah !!

Stay tuned

Life is Good

Live IT !!!

Coach X Mike


Good Job Coach X Mike
Hope the new Yoga is great let us know!

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