Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Day 16 P90X Hybrid Chest & Back

Day 15 week 3 P90X /??Hybrid

 I confess I crashed and burned last week , I did I don't know ~ 10 workouts with walks and runs included by Friday and I was gone ! Did a weak Legs and back and did ladder X on Saturday.( Tore down siding , and to my surprise no f...  tyvek again, (time to go after the builders' license in mass) Check the pics out on facebook.

Sunday, I did the Lawn, trimmed good and did my duty on the lawn chair in the sun,
Listened to the Little river band catalog , downloaded complete for like $3.50.

Neighbor came over to visit I already had enough to drink for day, but had to have another couple with him ( can't be rude right?)

Okay back to business , no run yesterday morning , but I got a good walk in at lunch, 3 miles in 50 minutes.

I crushed chest and back, raised my heavy pants to 35's and my lawnmowers to 40's ,
Did almost 300 pushups again time for a weighted vest?
Did the farmers suitcase with 50's and did 20 australian pullups as a night cap.
My pullup bar swings down and you do the pullups fully extended under the bar in a reverse prone position, (facing up)

My shoulders and arms were throbbing!

11:30pm and I need to get to bed
I want to run at 6am!

For a review if Chest & back go to
P90X Chest & Back review
Day 16 Tuesday 5:30 am
Trevor and I got up and ran the 5 k+ in 35 minutes , not bad was already a hot and steamy 70 degrees.
in zone 34 minutes average 137, high 159 Calories


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