Friday, July 29, 2011

Day 26

Day 26 Insanity /P90X Hybird

I have been  studying up on this sucrolose thing and also the aspartame, I am currently reading Sweet Poison by Janet Hull, She almost had to have her Thyroid nuked as she was so sick from too much aspartame, good story, points towards why we all need more nutritional education or guidance! It is sick all the stuff I have stopped eating !Thanks for the advice I found a Natural Whey with no sweeteners added.

I wrote a long post about my week, and it went poof, I was PO'd and got back to work!
Anyways here goes
Recovery week(#4):
Ran 4
Core cardio & Balance
Ran 4
mow lawn and trim work ( 25 feet up on ladder , aka as wall hugging,that counts right?)
Every night I have painted a new bundle of cedar plank siding in garage.
Today FOY yoga, need it bad
So I have been working to get the cedar on back of house repaired, replaced and painted, I have reached up about 12 feet house is 25 feet high in back or (three stories), too fricking high for this old guy!
Tomorrow I will get out and rent a 30 foot JLG boom lift, it is on a trailer, self leveling pretty slick, and replace all the siding to the up to the overhang/ gutter , then paint it before returning the unit.the new siding has one coat of paint on it. so it should look brand new when done!
Sunday I will finish the wood I can reach above  the new deck and then be f''' done!
Yeah man!!
I went to the running club party at Gretchens house on Wednesday night it was cool, nice folks some of the guys and gals are triathletes , but most are ruuning 5k's 10 k's 1/2 and full marathons, There are a lot of connections to Buffalo, so maybe I will go run the Buff marathon in May next year!I did have some good dicussions with some of the people about Insanity and P90x and they were interested.
One of the young lads ran an 11 :35 Iron man in Lake placid impressive , I could not walk that long!
Where did JR go we were going to run the Rock and roll half in Vegas in December?
Signed up to run three four 5 ks before the holidays so it should help me improve my times.
be good all



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