Wednesday, November 9, 2011

21 Day Primal Challenge ~ Lets go GROK!

Hi everyone
Well I am at a point where I need to "Change things up " I have done a full round of Power 90, 4 rounds of P90X , a full round of Insanity and I am still not where I need to be. I am ready to run my first road race on thanksgiivng it has been quitea ride oveer the last two years
This program is intended to be a filler for the time until P90X mc 2 comes out

I have been eating folowwing the primal blueprint for two weeks and although I don't believe in scales , I am wearing a smaller pants size, and smaller belts. XL shirts are WAY TOO BIG NOW, Yeah all gone!

I propose to start a group here that is in line to start the 21 Primal Challenge I ill post more information everyday.

I intend to issue a calandar by the end of the week a guide

Who is In ??

I am ready to drop the last 15 pounds before Xmas and before TONY Hortons new program !!
we will stay accountable and do this together!

here is the link to the thread on Beach body
21 Day Challenge


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