Monday, November 21, 2011

Day 8

"Crickets here"

Please report in folks:

Day 8
Activities on the 21 day Total Body Transformation( Mark  Sisson)

No labels Challenge
Sprint workout
Tiptoe into the barefoot world

I ran 4 this morning it felt Great!! I am ready TO RACE NOW!!!

" LIFT Heavy things" tonight for me.

I was supposed to do sprints today, but as I have the race( 5 miler in Buffalo) Thursday I opted for the fartlek this morning( Base 10 -10 minute interval(s) at 170 BPM)  and I will do a nice easy three tomorrow night!

Eating was pretty clean except for Friday night , not bad considering I was travelling.:grin:
I ran 5 miles on Saturday I paid for the bad eating ( and beers) for about 2 miles!

Grok on !



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