Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Day 2 P90X/Insanity Pylo Cardio Circuit

This is a Phase 1 Insanity workout that is about 46 minutes. Nice 10 minute workout and a 4-5 minute stretch . I like this stretch as it is very effective after the muscles are warm and limber after the warmout , and your head is sweating profusely too!
Trying to figure out the girls name in the left front , she brings it really hard, Rachel was our favorite and she is a trooper too!
Workout went well , Chest is sore from Chest and back last night but I felt better as I got warmer and kept up with the gang the entire way!
For a more indepth review of this workout !
What is In store for Wednesday Day 3?
Sleep in til 5:45am
Run 3  after work then Shoulders and Arms and Cardio Abs

Stay tuned
In zone : 21 minutes

Avg heart rate 120
High HR 184
Burned 650 calories


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