Thursday, June 30, 2011

Days 8-10 Best round of the X Yet!

Day 9 &10 P90X /Insanity Hybrid
Day 9 June 28th
Tuesday was day 9 , I did an awesome Max Interval Pylo. WO , cranked out 100 pushups in the 55 minute duration, tough after the 300 on Monday. It was 82 degrees in the basement family room and 85% humidity!
Definitely one of the sweatiest messes I ever had down there.
Ended up with 750 calories burned ~!
Day 10 June 29th
Walked 3 miles at the park on lunch it was 82 degrees outside.
9:30 pm Got down to the sweat box for Shoulders and ARM s
Love this workout, did some extra hammer curls and forearm workouts.
Finished up with Cardio Abs
Cool down and results and recovery drink took me to 11:30pm [b]too late.[/b]Wanted to run this morning DID NOT Happen!!
This is my best round of P90X so far my shoulders are sore today!!

Today Day 11 June 30th
Walk three miles at lunch!
Tonight Run 3.5 miles and some Yoga ~ MC2
Bring it team !!
Follow me on my journal of this adventure!



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