Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Day 8-9 Chest & Back w/ Video

Day 9

Day 8 done ( yesterday) Ran 3.5 in the am & walked three at Lunch
did yardwork after dinner before my date with Tony and the kids.

C&B P90X
Had a rocking Chest and back and ab ripper X workout last night . Man I started using the bands for pullups, it is hard and effective!
Did increase pushups to about 300
Here is a sophomoric question , what bands should I be using? Extreme?
I put a 25 and a 30 together so I am using 55 pounds, does that equal 110 total?

Anyways I was a sweaty mess at the end and had to shower , good workout, I have been killing this round so far!
I want Carl D results!

Day 9 - Today Dealers choice I may do Interval X or Max Pylo!

will report later !

X Mike


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