Friday, June 24, 2011

Now What?

This was written by a fellow coach and touched me deeply as I feel the same way about our mission as beachbody coaches!

Now What?
 written by SOTA

Good morning Friends!
The title of this post is called 'Now What?' because what do we do when the excitement is over, when the party is complete, when the vacation has ended?  Ultimately, the answer is, "Get back to work!"
I spent this past week (June 15-19, 2011) in Los Angeles, CA attending the annual Team BeachBody Coach Summit.  There were 2,500 of us "coaches" who traveled from all over the United States to engage in the company, to network with other coaches, to learn & grow personally and professionally, to recognize & celebrate achievements of the top performers, to recapture the feelings of why we are coaches in the first place.  There are so many reasons why people to go Summit.  These are just a few of mine.
BeachBody's mission is to help people achieve their goals while living a healthy and fulfilling life. W hen it comes down to business, it's always about people.  People helping people get what they wnat.  Fortunately for us all, every active coach has a specific drive and passion for helping people.  It doesn't stop with getting fit and healthy.
In 2010 BeachBody donated a total over $500K to a variety of charities.  Raincatcher is a non-profit organiztion that's committed to providing clean drinking water for those who go without.  We were fortunate to donate over $280K to this charity by our hard work and dedication to people.  It feels great to give back!  Go to: for additional information.
So, how do we help people?  We listen with our ears and to those around us. We actively engage and react to things such as, "I'm so tired." "I'm so tired of being sick and tired." "Where do you get all your energy from?" "Does that stuff really work?" All we do is share our stories and tools.  And, YES, they do work!
Now that Summit is all over, we have marching orders.  Our orders are to help end the trend of obesity one person at a time.  This can be done in a variety of ways: starting fit clubs, inviting people to workout with you, educating people on how to eat healthy, teaching the importance of rest and truly listening to your body, committing to a healthier lifesytle.  But, it doesn't end there.
This past Sunday I casually mentioned to my coach that I was going to start another round of P90X so that I can be ready for the new P90XMC2 that's coming out later this fall.  Little did I know that he was going to join me.  Furthermore, I had no idea that there was a higher level of accountability attached to this commitment.  I am posting videos to Facebook, I am keeping track of calories consumed and burned, I am stepping outside the realm of comfort into a whole new level of accountability.  But, isn't this what it's all about?  To get something you've never had you must do something you've never done.  Well folks, I never completed a full round of P90X before.  Even though I've lost 40lbs with the program, I never finished it.  This time is different.  When you partner with somebody, it makes it fun and enjoyable because you can share your experience.  That's the BeachBody difference.  We are here for you to support, mentor, and encourage.  You just don't get that personal one-on-one when you buy a fitness DVD off the shelf.
Let's get to work.  Let's help some people realize they were destined for greatness.  Let's remove the blinders from their eyes so that they can dream again.  I truly believe you can do anything you want to if you share your dreams with people and work for it.  You have to believe in y ourself that you can and will achieve success.  Tell the whole world what you want to do and let them tell you that you can't.  It will only make the fiere within rage with hunger to prove them wrong.
I'd like to help you achieve your goals.  This is what I desire.  This is where my passion lies.

Thank you,


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