Thursday, January 12, 2012

Day 11- 90 Day Challenge Running 5 miles man!

Day 11

90 Day Challenge
Okay MOF update
I need a rest day, can't do it!


I am doing great with the IF. I am going to start counting to a tee, I was eating too much after the workouts BAD!!, I fast from 9pm until 1 pm 16 hours no food just water and coffee.

I get a Cappuccino no sugar here at work(an hour or two before I break the fast) and that helps. I was talking to Frank Sabio(sp?)( the amazing dude who got us on this)on google plus he is pretty cool , he was giving me pointers on my cycle; Fast 9 pm to 1pm, eat 500 calories,then have 10mg of Lucene at 5 pm, go home and work out at 6 pm, eat and start over. He recommends that we try the 24 hour fats on week-ends ( I guess) that really kicks the fat burning in. Have you read Eat stop Eat yet ? I am reading it now and he( the writer) explains all this stuff.

The hardest part is to make the food, lower you sugars and carbs and eat the good fats
(Omega 3's)and you should be good. It all about portion control and a good balance BB recommends
40 30 20( Protein,Carbs,Fats).I like chicken on the grill, i use jerk rubs and healthy marinades.
If you get oven bags, you can bake it in the oven with Premixed marinades( Frenches just add water).

I am on fire, I lifted harder than ever in my Life last night( Back & Biceps & ab ripper X) I was dizzy afterwards, then ate the big meal to replenish glycogen and aid in recovery.
The night before I ran 5 miles in 49 minutes and I sang to my Ipod the whole darn way Sorry Marlborough!

Can you spin ( on a spin bike) that is a good cardio workout!
Mark Sisson recommends just walking (4-5 miles) it works. I still get out for at least two on lunch during the winter once or twice per week!

Tonight 5 more miles running, goal this week 23 miles running( plus another 15 walking?
Marlborough Look out X MIke is coming out!!!

X Mike


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