Monday, January 9, 2012

day 8

I plan to re-master P90X again and a little Insanity before I start Mc 2!
(Probably march or april).

I also plan to possibly run a half marathon end of February ( we'll see not definite)

I got a pull up band assist set, for my bar in the workshop, wow I am in pain but it is working!!

New goal ( at least I have not listed) I plan to start Hiking the White Mountains, I got a nice Day pack for Xmas , and bought a water bladder at EMS yesterday, here's to clean air and lots of beautiful views and nightly stars!!

Weight wise

I am back here I was before the holidays so that is good!

Loaded Windows 7 on my computer at home , I cannot believe I tolerated Vista for two years
( Windows 7 is awesome). I recommend it to everyone!

Okay here is the update.

90 Day Challenge

Day 5 ( Friday) Fast back & Biceps

Day 6 Tough Kick class , she( Beth) crushed our legs and abs ,
I was happy as this was three weeks in a row!

Day 7 Ran 6 on Sunday felt horrible in the legs but the wind is getting better I was singing some of the songs on my I pod LOL

Day 8 Today (Monday)
walk at lunch (its cold)
Fast until 1 pm (17 Hours)
Chest, shoulders & Triceps tonight
Then a big feed!
Bring it all


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