Monday, March 14, 2011

Day 1 Insanity /P90X Hybrid -CPR Review Get fit or Get Out!

March 14,2011
I finally dumped all those too large pants and slacks in the salvation army box last night!
No looking back !!
Just hard to think I may falter and need to buy new , done it before,
but NOT THIS TIME !!@!!!

Thanks I got that out of my system Haha!!

Weekend in New Hampshire was beautiful ,skiing was great , we drank too much and relaxed a lot! My wife really relaxed she needed it!
Love those mountains, we are looking for our own Condo up there!

Day 1 P90X /Insanity Hybrid trying to balance out the cardio of Insanity and the Sculpting of P90X . Still need to lose 20 pounds , the goal is by Memorial day.

I got up at 5 am and pushed play on CPR.
Cardio Power & resistance an old friend.
Not as tough as it was in January for sure but still a good workout. Cardio Abs after work and a long walk .

Workout was 39:18 total with about 12 minutes of warmup & 6 minutes of Stretching.

This left 21:29 for the actual workout and final stretch.
Bring it everyone

X Mike


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