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I am often asked if I had only 1 option for my Fitness for the rest of my Life what would I choose. Its simple!

The 24kg AKA 53lb Kettlebell.

Its my favorite size KB out of them all. Its the ultimate in versatility. I use it for 2 Hand Swings (I have done 460 consecutive swings with it), snatches (I need 100 snatches in 5 minutes using the 24kg KB to pass the RKC instructor Certification, Full Get Ups ( I have done 100 Full Get Ups in 60 minutes), presses, windmills, & any other Kettlebell exercise you can imagine. Its my fav KB to take on my 6 mile "walk" to the Pacific Ocean.

If you are training with Kettlebells its ESSENTIAL to find a KB size that allows you to do ALL of the Kettlebell exercises. That way you don't need 5 KB's to do one workout. 99% of all men start out using a 16kg (35lb) Kettlebell. Most women start with an 18lb or 26lb KB, depending on their strength level.

Don't be in a super rush to increase the size Kettlebell that you are using. Make sure you put in the work with the KB you start out with so you can do each exercise with PERFECT form. Adding weight too early & compromising your form will only lead to injury. The last thing anyone of us wants.

I have upped my KB size to the "Bulldog" 40kg (88lb) size on my 2 Hand Swings so I don't need to do hundreds of reps to get a good workout. However, on pretty much every other KB exercise the 24kg is my "holy grail" of KB sizes.

The best option for learning how to use a Kettlebell safely & effectively is to seek out an RKC Certified Instructor to obtain the best instruction possible. (Steve Cotter, Steve Maxwell, & Mike Mahler are also OUTSTANDING) If that is not an option, go to & get any of the very high quality Kettlebell Instruction videos & the books that go with them.

That is how I started out & learned the proper form & technique. I bought the very best out there in my opinion: "Enter The Kettlebell" DVD & Book by Pavel. They are both still my favorites today! There is allot of "junk" instruction out there. Some of the DVD's available are not only a joke, but potentially dangerous. People are just trying to cash in on the HUGE increase in the popularity in Kettelbells the past couple of years.

Any workout program that promotes Kettlebells that could also be used as paperweights, is not really a KB workout. Stick to proven, legit KB workouts & systems.

Kettlebells will change your Fitness Life, just like they did Tami's & mine! Just make sure to give Kettlebells the respect they deserve & you will be repaid handsomely with incredible Fitness gains!




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