Thursday, March 24, 2011

P90 X FOY Yoga review

Fountain of Youth ( FOY) Yoga
Tony Horton –Star Trainer

This is video is from the one on one series that was recorded in Tony Horton’s gym at his home in Santa Barbara California.
It is low key and very up close and personal. It is just him and Mason ( the videographer and director) in the room.
Tony does call a shout out to my up-line coach Lee Rotterman, yeah Lee!!

AS most people know Yoga X is 90 minutes which is hard for people to fit into busy Thursdays.

So this Video is supposed to be 40 minutes, but turns into 48 minutes not too bad…

• As usual he starts with breathing Flat back and Namases

• Then you go into Downward dogs and Vinyasas, keep off your knees!

• Chair Pose and prayer pose New poses and moves Envelop pose ( yikes , yeah right)

• He uses a huge yoga block to stretch legs

• Various stretching and baby poses.

• Done!!


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