Monday, February 13, 2012

90 Day Challenge Days 5-7

We all want to lose weight and look young, fit & trim right?

Getting there , join me for the ride!

Okay so it was a busy weekend had to work really hard through all of Friday & Saturday.
I took a well deserved rest day on Friday (Day 5)and was up early before work to do

Day 6

Legs & back from P90X and Pure Cardio from Insanity Saturday before work.

I was pretty sore after that but Energized!!

Clean here for the Pure Cardio review:

Day 7 Sunday

I got out before Church and did a nice 6 miler in the 15 degree temps

My Thighs were slightly frostbitten through my tights but i survived and call it a good run, Clover Hill was mine!

Diet has been Squeaky clean and I only caved and had a slice of berry pie last night!

My wife said I looked relay slim this morning nice to here!

Just had a nice portion of Grass fed beef, broccoli & cauliflower and a Vi Shake, Vi Trim and Vi Slim for lunch.

I plan to do a good round of Chest and back , Cardio Abs and then dinner.

go to for more information on the Vi shakes , Vi Trim and Vi Slim!

Here is my Video, plan to get more involved with the workouts just learning the video program LOL !


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