Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Back on Track ( Sick is no Fun!)

Okay back on track

I was very Ill from Sunday the 22ndof Jan, thru Monday of this week,(bad cold, in the lungs, nuff said) I said the heck with working out and

focused on walking and a good diet. Did pretty good, Luckily it was a recovery week from my round of P90x, three weeks to go!

I Ran 4.25 miles Tuesday morning as Patti got us up at 3am , she arrived home

(Monday Aft) from 4 days in Germany. I did get a lot of stuff done in the house as she was gone and I tend to focus on cleaning things

up then.


I cleaned the workbench off in the garage under the House , it had been a mess for three years!

It was a great run, no diminished lung capacity etc and my legs were strong from the week off! Had a Vi Shake and a VI cookie for


Start the third phase of P90X later today, Chest shoulders & Triceps and Ab ripper.

What are you doing to improve your health and Fitness?

Go to for more information on the 90 Day Challenge that is rocking the Country



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