Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Day 36 Insanity -Max Interval Circuit

Day 36 Insanity- Max Interval Circuit

My fit test was up and down did well on some and so so on others

I will see how it goes in two weeks,

I did all of the workout but the last 5 minutes , ran out of time . I may switch to after work . If I can't push play before 5:30am its too late. So I will try to roll out of Bed 15 -20 minutes earlier, otherwise after work it is!

Omg Ariel was looking really pretty today , they had the light and focus on her for sure. Anna has always worked hard, she belongs front and center I kinda laughed when our friend who can not keep up was dogging it again ( whats his name?) haha

What happened to Tayna?

920 calories , I am wuupped from that for sure!

Okay every one remember what we talked about the last 5 weeks-( Doing Insanity)

-Vitamins-get the extreme athlete vita pak by GNC if you can afford it

-Take extra Vitamin "C" -2 grams /day

-Use your recovery drink during and after.

-Eat your quota, good carbs & good proteins, not too much fat

- Get plenty of sleep 7-8 hours minimum

- Enjoy the results -you deserve it

Peace out

X Mike


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