Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Day 37 Insanity - Max Interval Pylo not P90X !

Wew what a workout. Not as much cardio just tough moves and a lot of different types of Pushups

Good Job Shaun T!!

Here is my post on my Insanity  thread this morning:

"Max Plyo done this morning It kicked my Butt.
I am still a day behind, try to catch up tomorrow.
John ( a guy on my thread)
I am glad you said that some of those moves are tough,
am definitely humbled by them too.
Everyone one here should be proud that you are still here, that is some tough stuff.
Lily, I hope your wrist heals up quick , Rest ICe Elevate...
A lady I coach( Melanie) did Insanity the first time a few months back and I remember her telling us she could not get down stairs with heels on after some of these workouts- LOL
I can relate now
Bond Girl I hear you , I run up my stairs at home (on off days anyways) like a mad man,isn't it great !!![

Rick glad to hear you are doing better, Love the story on your daughter ,
Lifes' memories. Cherish them .
Did anyone see the video on You tube about Mike French carrying the 82 lb kettleball to the ocean ( 7 miles from his house)? Pysco!!"

Workout is 55 minutes long , still along workout !

I burned 850 calories and I was not pushing as hard as I can !

Next time I will bring it!

 X Mike


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