Monday, February 14, 2011

Day 43 Max Cardio Conditioning- Not P90X!

Day 42 - Running
Yesterday was rest day from Insanity, so I went out and ran three miles , felt good, actually had an improvement on my "wind"( breathing ),  must be from the HIIT cardio in Insanity.

Day 43  Insanity - Max Cardio Conditioning-  Not P90X!
Holy cow this work out is still a bear , Had a good time though , Love the jumping reps and the squats to pushups reps. It is fun to hold your squats for 60 seconds at the end and do the speed bag simulation, Tough to do for a full minute. back is feeling better not so stiff or sore.

I am finding that I am working harder yet my heart rate and calorie count is lower . It must be because my heart is stronger and more efficient. Burned 650 calories ! What a fitting statement on Valentines day!!

Happy Valentines Day


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