Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Day 52 Max Cardio Conditioning

Okay Day 52 Max Cardio Conditioning- ll days to go!

Nice workout ,I was able to do 2/3 of this really well, seemed to bonk at the end a bit, form was a concern. It is funny that some of the people (in video) are tired during the warmup, it is not that hard.
I have been putting my two pound hand weight gloves on during the boxing stuff. I kept them on during the shoulder sequence of Core cardio & Conditioning on Saturday , my shoulders were screaming!!
I feel strong after a good breakfast, eggs & oatmeal today
Plan to try to go to the kick class tonight they have a new program for 2011, want to check it out. My wife goes every Wed , she loves it!
Cardio Abs after class tonight!

Peace & out

X mike


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