Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Pudding Story

We have a dedicated guy on our Insanity thread( not P90X) and I will call him D
Here is his story on dedication to his diet :

Hey guys, I'd like to tell you a little story xD Today I was in a supermarket, buying some food...I passed the shelf with pudding and other stuff and there it was....This BIG pot of chocolate pudding with cream on it. It was staring at me and then a little dialogue between the devil and an angel on my shoulders happened: (This is really what I had in mind haha)

"Oh wow, that looks awesome!"
-"Yeah but think of what it will do to your results!"
"It won't do anything... you work so hard every day"
-"And you want to throw that hard work in the bin??"
"You won't throw away anything"
-"Yes you will! You haven't eaten any sweets since christmas!"
"You see...You can eat it, you need some alternatives to your regular eating"
-"No you don't"
"Since Christmas! What should this small (it was really bigxD) pot change??"
-"You might start to like it again, and then what? Eat all the crap you can find?"
"It's just one single cheat, you will do Max Cardio Conditioning AND Insane Abs today. That will shred everything you gain from this"
-"This means you will just do it today for getting rid off what you gain from this, but not work on the things you're working on NOW"
"Oh come on, take a look on the nutrition facts, you will see it's not that bad"

Then suddenly the angel said: "OH LOOK! The line is so short now, that's your chance. You won't have to wait minutes over minutes"

So I listened to the good one and went away, paid my other stuff and now here I am, proud that I didn't buy it xD

Sorry if it bothered you, I just had to tell you because I was standing there for 5 minutes!! In front of a stupid pot of pudding haha

Love the story


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