Sunday, January 30, 2011

Cross Country

Okay it was much warmer today. 30 degrees and sunny. I got to the Concord Recreation Center at about
3pm and Cross Country skiied for about 55 minutes. The snow was so deep I thought I was going to lose my poles!
I was sweating so much it was running down my face into my mouth. I had to stay on the shorter track about 1/3 of a mile. The big track was not cut by skiis but it was cut by walkers and went all over the place. There was a nice lady on the short track with me and I lapped her twice. I encouraged her she was gliding nice, not just walking.

Anyways, the trusty old Timex Iron man said I averaged 140 bpm and 900 calories, not too shabby for an old man ( 50 +).
Good Cardio for Sure. I will go to Great Neck next weekend for sure .


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