Monday, January 24, 2011

Day 21 Insanity PURE Cardio Week 4

Okay I did Pylo Circuit Saturday and the Cross country skiied yesterday.
It was about 19 degrees and sunny, Wind was cold
I tries our my new Under Armour tights and long sleeve tee-shirt , wow do they keep you warm !!
I skiied for about an hour or 5 miles. Love IT !!
Plan to go to Carlisle next weekend and ski a real course!

Was a little bit ticked off that people are so rude they walk the ski tracks , make your own tracks!

Oh well live is good and we are lucky to have our health right?

Finished Pure Cardio this morning, Heart rate was higher than ever and the calories were lower, Does that mean I am in better shape? I love this workout !! 19 minutes of pure hell!
Probably did not move as much?
 I will need to do Cardio Abs after work
Peace & out



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