Monday, January 17, 2011

Fit Test week 3 Insanity

WAY TO BRING IT !!!So I ran on Friday night at the Gym, did 3 miles, felt good
Pure Cardio & Cardio Abs was Saturday
Sunday I cross country skiied at Concord recreation center, wow lots of snow!!

This Morning Fit test

Here are my Fit test results for week 3 :

1)Switch Kicks 63(+2)
2)Power Jacks 65(+2)
3)Power Knees 120( +15)
4)Power Jumps 50(+12)
5)Globe Jumps 11(+3)
6)Suicide Jumps 15(+1)
7)Push up jacks 32(+2)
8)Low plank Obilques 50(+7)
Ready to put another hole in my belts, LOVE IT!


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