Sunday, January 23, 2011

Review of Power 90 by homexrcizer

Is the Power 90 Workout Any Good? Can You Lose Weight With It?

I’m about 9 weeks into the Power 90 program. This is a fantastic opener program if you are a couch potato and should get off the couch. But it’s not as detailed as I projected. I really think this is one of the best workout dvds. This is what you in reality receive.. .
In my Power 90 reviews you’ll see that Power 90 offers a set of 2 DVDs with multiple workouts on both that change with the progression of the program. There isn’t an abundance of diverse workouts but they are valuable nevertheless. I ruined the exercise band at the first workout. It certainly doesn’t help that I’m 6 ’3″, so it was probably because of the space the band had to lengthen, but I have been using free weights and I figure they perform superior |. I slightly wish that the line up was more wide-ranging. The free weights though do afford enhanced range of resistance. The bands get harder to maneuver as they are stretching so the first few inches is easy, but the last few are difficult.
You use the number one DVD in the Power 90 workout for the initial half of the course, and the second DVD for the subsequent half. I was so unsatisfied that there are just two training sessions each half. So past the initial week, it is somewhat routine switching amongst no more than a few different routines.
Keep in mind still that a more progressive version of this workout is obtainable with P90X. Power 90 is absolutely geared towards person’s beginning their training voyage.
Both Power 90 workouts are 30 minutes, but that includes stretching, rest and cool down periods. Whereas a 20-minute workout might be perfect if you are a couch potato, it occurred to me that again this is a great program and I’ve been able to drop quite a bit of weight in that time frame. I break a sweat doing cardio routing on Power 90, but seeing as it’s only 20 minutes I get to get on with my day. The Abs program is worth about 5 minutes of abdominal exercises following the cardio DVD, and Power Yoga is also a part of cardio.
Tony Horton is good and not as tacky as some trainers that I’ve seen. All in all I’d highly recommend the Power 90 program to someone that is sincere in relation to losing some weight or fat and is agreeable to put the time in.
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